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At the Palacio de Laoag, we aim to ensure the well-being of our guests and visitors, but also of our planet. Every day, we strive to contribute towards minimizing our ecological impact, promoting energy efficiency and offering services aligned with protecting the environment. The Palacio de Laoag today is the result of a series of renovation, innovations and improvements  embracing various standards of sustainability. In all our day-to-day operations, we strive to raise our guests’ awareness of the responsible use of resources.

The whole hotel is fitted with LED light fixtures that optimize the lighting and significantly reduce the consumption of electricity. We embrace a no-plastic  philosophy and strict garbage

We strive to raise our guests’ awareness of the responsible use of resources such as water by f, replacing single-use soaps for dispensers in the bathrooms, and implementing a voluntary system of changing towels.

 In our kitchen, we aim to minimize waste and correctly separate it to facilitate its effective recycling, reuse or disposal in collaboration with the authorized waste managers and the public administration services. Our kitchen waste are treated to enhance the soil of our backyard garden where we grow most of our vegetables for our restaurant. 

 At our hotel, we are committed to taking the utmost care of our facilities and the safety of our guests and employees, with a team of in-house and external technicians and maintenance experts. We conduct checks, inspections, training and simulations on a regular basis.

We promote and embrace our commitment to equality and diversity of our team, a key factor in our quality of our hospitality and the best possible customer service.

We believe that every step towards sustainability counts and we take pride in all our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in our operations. With this in mind, we encourage all the guests of The Palacio de Laoag Hotel to boost their awareness of the importance of their contribution towards protecting our environment, society and planet.

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