cafe marqueza

cafe marqueza

dine, drink, and relax

Dine, Drink, and Relax at Palacio de Laoag

palacio de laoag cafe marqueza breakfast

dine with us

Located adjacent to the hotel lobby. The Cafe Marqueza is open for meals, snacks & drinks every day! Even if you are not staying as a guest in our hotel, we invite everyone to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us. If you’re lucky and the sun is shining, you can even have a meal out by our courtyard where you can enjoy an alfresco ambiance.

ilocano comfort food & more

Over the years, we have been known to be the home of Ilocano Cuisine. Our authentic and traditional way of cooking is further enhanced by our locally sourced ingredients as well as fresh produce from our garden! Alongside our iconic Ilocano dishes, other regional and international dishes are also available so come dine in with us now.

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For the newcomers and returning guests who want something to bring home to their families and friends, or maybe a little reminder of the trip, we have just what you need. In the corner of the Cafe Marqueza, we feature some of the tastiest snacks and best souvenirs available for purchase!

indulge your apetite

Come and experience the Ilocano Cuisine