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who we are

The Palacio de Laoag is a beacon of hospitality, one dedicated to providing you the best comfort while away from home with our service made simple.

palacio de laoag opening

our humble beginnings

The Palacio De Laoag was formerly known as Palazzo de Laoag Hotel and Restaurant which started operations back on May 8, 1997. Almost two decades later, the hotel humbly reopened its doors back on January 9, 2010.

Reinvented and reinvigorated, the Palacio de Laoag is a hotel committed to providing every person who enters its doors service made simple – only the best service for you.

Where we are

Palacio De Laoag is at the heart of Laoag City, the best place to leave your bags in the morning when you leave to explore Ilocandia and your safe haven in the evening when you wish to rest.

palacio de laoag passage
palacio de laoag architecture


With an aggregate total land of 3, 509 square meters, this four-story edifice houses, three function halls, a coffee shop and restaurant, and a KTV bar situated within a patio, ideal for weddings and a swimming pool.

Its room accommodations cater to a maximum of a hundred and fifty (150). And there is ample and secure parking space.

your home

Truly is your hideaway home in the far North of Ilocandia. The Palacio de Laoag is the only hotel in Ilocos Norte that has successfully blended modern functional features with classic architectural designs that provide a sense of continuity with the past.

palacio de laoag exterior
palacio de laoag architecture

the architecture

Every detail – the arch entrance, the wrought-iron railings, terra-cotta tiles and color-tainted glass – is a statement of the cultural past of the Ilocandia. Walking into the main lobby, natural illumination radiates from the glass walls on the side.

colonial inspired

Inside the living room, the shades of cream and beige compliment the earth color and successfully bring you back in time with its colonial Spanish-inspired furniture, terra-cotta floor tiles; and narra wall finishing on the sidewalls and ceiling.

palacio de laoag living room

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